"Ayah Kareemah"

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Dr. Shabbir
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"Ayah Kareemah"

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My answer to a group reciting part of a verse three million times to accomplish some noble task. Reciting it 100,000 times is a common group chore among N2I women.


Dear brothers & sisters, Salamun alaikum!

Please calm down. I have the honor of translating the Qur'an, so let me humbly state that the term "Ayah Kareemah" applied to a part of Ayah 21:87 is a human endeavor. Every verse of the Qur'an is Kareem (Honorable). Allah did not name 21:87 as "Ayah Kareemah".

If we keep repeating that part of 21:87 "LA ILAHA ILLA ANTA SUBHANAKA INI KUNTU MIN AZ-ZAALIMEEN" millions of times, it won't benefit us, but waste our precious time. Did Allah command us to do that?

2:231 ... Do not make Allah’s verses a laughing stock ...

Followers of N2I (The Number Two Islam) may continue doing what they will.


Dr. Shabbir



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