Abraham never visited Arabs in Makkah

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Abraham never visited Arabs in Makkah

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Salam All

A comment below Quran Centric Video on


says (below) that Abraham never visited the Arabs in Makkah:

Shoaib Ali
1 year ago
The fact is the Koran says Abraham never travelled to the arab lands to build anything called the Ka’aba in any place called Mecca. Here is evidence from the Koran that Abraham was never sent to the arab lands:

34:44 We did not give them any other books to study, nor did we send to them before you another warner.

Before the prophet there were no other warners sent to the arabs. This means that Abraham was never sent to the arab land. Here is more evidence for this from the Koran :

32:2 The book is, without a doubt, a revelation from the Lord of the universe.
32:3 They said, "He fabricated it." Indeed, this is the truth from your Lord, to warn people who never received a warner before you, that they may be guided.

The arabs never received any other messenger before the prophet. So Abraham never reached the Arab lands to build the Kaabah in Mecca or anywhere else. Here are more verses saying the same :

36:3 Most assuredly, you are one of the messengers.
36:4 On a straight path.
36:5 This revelation is from the Almighty, Most Merciful.
36:6 To warn people whose parents were never warned, and therefore, they are unaware.

Abraham was never sent to the arab land. In the following verses the Koran says that Moses was sent to Midyan and the prophet was sent to a people, the arabs, who received no warner before the prophet.

28:44 You were not present on the slope of the western mount, when we issued the command to Moses; you were not a witness.

28:45 But we established many generations, and, because of the length of time, (they deviated). Nor were you among the people of Midyan, reciting our revelations to them. But we did send messengers.

28:46 Nor were you on the slope of Mount Sinai when we called (Moses). But it is mercy from your Lord, in order to warn people who received no warner before you, that they may take heed.

“in order to warn people who received no warner before you”. So most definitely Abraham never set foot in Mecca and neither did he build any Kaaba in Mecca.

Here is another verse that is also twisted and manipulated by the mullahs. First here is the traditional twisted translation of 3:96 by Hilali Khan.

3:96 Verily, the first House (of worship) appointed for mankind was that at Bakkah (Makkah), full of blessing, and a guidance for Al-'Alamin (the mankind and jinns).

Well firstly there is no mention of ‘worship’ or ‘mankind and jinns’ in this verse. There is also no mention of Mecca in this verse at all.

The arabic is ‘bi bakkata’ and not Mecca (Makkah).

The mullahs twist “bi bakkata” and say it is another name for Mecca (Makkah) in Saudi Arabia. This is what the translator Hilali Khan has done which you can see in the brackets above.

'Bi bakkata' consists of two words : “bi” means “with” and bakkata means ‘deep conviction’.

Here is the arabic transliteration : Inna awwala baytin wuudia lin-naasi allathee bi bakkata mubarakan wahudan lil aalameen

Inna awwala baytin – surely the first system
wuudia lin-naasi – set up for mankind
allathee – was the one
bi bakkata – with deep conviction
mubarakan – blessed
wahudan lil aalameen – and a guidance for the worlds

This was what Abraham had established for mankind – a blessed system of guidance. And Abraham had set it up with deep conviction (bi bakkata) and struggle.

The Koran records how Abraham was almost stoned by his pagan people and his own pagan father. He later settled his family in a barren valley.

If the mullahs insist that the word ‘bakkata’ means ‘Makkah’ how do they explain the word ‘bi’ that precedes ‘bakkata’? It then becomes ‘with Makkah’ which is ridiculous.

You can see that Hilali Khan translates this one word ‘bi’ as “was that at” – quite a mouthful. This is the Mullah Shuffle where they twist and turn the meanings of words to suit their false religious beliefs.

Here is another verse in the Koran that is twisted by the mullahs to justify their fake pilgrimage to Mecca and their pilgrimage rituals.

2:127 And (remember) when Abraham and (his son) Isma'il were raising the foundations of the House (the Ka'aba at Makkah), (saying), "Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us. Verily! You are the All-Hearer, the All-Knower."

Here is the Arabic transliteration :

Wa-iz yarfa’u – and when he raised
ibraheemu – Abraham
al qawaaida – the foundation
min – from
al bayti – the system
wa-ismaeelu – and Ishmael
rabbana taqabbal minna – our Lord accept from us
innaka anta al sameeul aleemu – surely you are Hearer Knower.

Abraham raised the foundation from the system (bayti). The mullahs say that bayti refers a physical building or a physical house. It does not. Bayti here indicates a system like the House of Lords, House of Parliament, House of Justice, Home of Peace etc which represent a system or a concept and do not mean a physical building at all.

And the mullahs still have to contend with the Arabic which says “wa iz yarfa’u ibraheemu al qawaaida min al bayti” which must mean “Abraham raised the foundations from the house/bayti”.

If bayti was a house, how can Abraham raise a foundation on top of the house? That would be an upside down construction technique. So the mullahs have twisted themselves into knots again.

If ‘bayta’ refers a physical house, you can only raise a “house” on top of a foundation, which should then sound like this in Arabic : “yarfa’u ibraheemu al bayta min al qawaaid” and not raise a foundation on top of a house.
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Re: Abraham never visited Arabs in Makkah

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Salaam All,

After watching the video and reading the text above, the question arises then, who built the current Kaaba in Mecca?
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Re: Abraham never visited Arabs in Makkah

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And now this article:



Please find below some points to note from a Quran's perspective.

The Quran does not make any claims that Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) was the progenitor of the Arab race, or the Prophet's forefathers. Since this is not taught by the Quran, it cannot be a belief sanctioned by the Quran.
Quranic evidence seems to negate ties of lineage between Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) and the forefathers of Prophet Muhammad. (pbuh) The Quran repeatedly informs the reader, that the Prophet's forefathers were never the recipient of any guidance, or warning (32:3; 34:44; 28:46-47; 6.157; 34:42; 36:2-6; 43:20-21; 62.2). Some verses are elaborated in the sections below. This statement should be understood with the Quranic position, that Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) was given scripture (6:89) and must have at least inherited the scrolls (Suhuf), or the teachings of Prophet Abraham (pbuh) (87:18-19). If, as commonly believed, the Prophet's forefathers were tied to Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) by lineage, then it is a plausible question to ask why guidance was not passed down to them……”

Read the rest here:

http://www.quransmessage.com/articles/a ... %20FM3.htm
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