Book: The Qur'an and the Abuse of Women, vol 3 in the Qur'an unchained series

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Book: The Qur'an and the Abuse of Women, vol 3 in the Qur'an unchained series

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Would those who have read this vol please put a review of it as per previous volumes. Thank you, Jawaid

The Qur’an And the Abuse of Women
By J.R. Ahmed
Volume III Of The Qur’an Unchained Series

First Published: 2020 First Edition Copyright
All rights reserved. No Part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

Published by: Azizam Publications
Management: Subhan, UK
ISBN: 9798675699575
Imprint: Independently published

Unchain The Qur’an, Sisters, And The Qur’an Will Set You Free.

Introduction 3
1.Equality and Status of women in the Qur’an 9
2. What Your Right Hands Possess-Maa Malakat Aimanukum 35
….Understanding The Qur’anic Verses With ‘Maa Malakat Aimanukum’ 50
3. Inheritance 63
4. Hijab, Niqab and Burqas 71
... Exposing The Head Covering Verse 77
…Intermingling and Mahrams 86
…What Can Be Shown? 91
…Where The Veiling Of Women Comes From 95
5. Menstruation 105
6. Beat Him 115
7. Supremacy of Men over Women 116
8. Obedience to their Husbands 119
9. Beating Women 122
10. Women, Half the Value of Men 129
11. Houri-Hur- Warning, Explicit Material 136
12. Female Genital Mutilation- FGM 155
13. Marriage Abuse 169
…Concubines! 174
…Polygamy 179
14. Mutah 185
15. Divorce Abuse 201
…Talaq, Talaq, Talaq and Halalah Obscenity 208
…Can Women Divorce Men? 216
16. Child Abuse: Age Of Ayesha At Time Of Marriage 221
…‘Scholarly’ Age Of Maturity 221
…Qur’anic Age of Maturity 223
…Marry “WOMEN”- Never Females 224
…No Controversy! 231
…Age of Aisha Hadith Controversy Debacle 237
17. Boys Over Girls-Aqeeqah 250
18. Female Infantacide, Abortion and Dishonourable Killings 254
…Abortion 258
…Dishonourable Killing 264
…Education 264
19. The Depiction of Women in the Qu’ran 266
…Eve- The Fallen One 266
20. Rape 288
21.Your Wives Are As A Tilth Unto You 297
…The Filth of the Scholars 301
22. Acts of Terrorism: Killing Women and Innocents 304
23 Feminism, Trans- and Equality 309

2.25 Virgins Await Those Who Enter Paradise. 327
2:187 It's OK To Have Sex With Your Wives During Ramadan 328
2:221 Is An Islamic Concubine Better Than A Really Hot Christian Woman? 333
2:222a Menstruation Is A Filthy Disease. 335
2:222b Allah Hates Menstruating Women. 336
2:223 Women Are Like A Dirty Field 337
2:226 Women, No Sex For Four Months 337
2:228a Women May Not Have Sex For Three Months 339
2:228b Men Are Above Them. 341
2:229 You Must Divorce Her Twice. 342
2:230 Divorce Your Wife For The Third Time 344
2:231 Your Divorced Wives 345
2:232 Let Your Ex-Wives Get Married Again 345
2:234 Wives Can't Have Sex For Four Months 346
2:282 A Woman Is Worth One-Half A Man. 347
4:3 It's OK To Have Two, Three, Or Four Wives, Slave Or Free. 347
4:11 Males Are To Inherit Twice That Of Females. 350
4:15 Lewd Women Confined To Their Houses Until Death. 350
4:19 If Women Get Lewd, Cut Off Their Inheritance. 353
4:20 Instructions For Exchanging Wives 354
4:24 Slaves That You Obtained In War 355
4:25a Marry Slaves, As Long As They're Muslims 355
4:25c Slave Wives Guilty Of Lewdness 356
4:34 Men Are In Charge Of Women, Beat Them 358
4:43 Don't Pray Having Touched A Woman Lately. 358
4:57 Vigins Await Those Who Enter Paradise. 360
4:117 They Invoke In His (Allah's) Stead Only Females. 360
4:129 Don't Bother Trying To Treat Your Wives Fairly. 362
4:176 Unto The Male Is The Equivalent Share Of Two Females 364
5:6 When You Have Used The Toilet Or Touched A Woman, Wash Up 364
7:24 Men And Women Are Enemies! 366
9:24 If Your Your Wives Are Dearer To You Than Allah And His Messenger 380
11:78 Lot Offers His Daughters 381
12:28 "The Guile Of You Women ... Is Very Great." 385
22:2 When The Doom Of Allah Comes, Pregnant Women Will Suffer Miscarriages 388
23:6 You Don't Have To Be Modest Around Your Wives Or Your Slave Girls 390
24:4 If You Accuse An Honorable Women You Will Receive 80 Lashes. 392
24:6 A Husband Can Accuse His Wife Of Adultery 392
24:31 Believing Women Must Not Reveal Themselves 394
24:33 Force Not Your Slave-Girls To Whoredom. 395
33:28-29 If Muhammad's Wives Are Good, 396
33:30 The Wives Of Muhammad Will Be Punished Double For Lewdness. 398
33:32-33 The Wives Of Muhammad Are Not Like Others 399
33:36 Allah Or Muhammad Decides Marriage 400
33:37 Allah Gave Zeyd’s Ex-Wife To Muhammad In Marriage. 401
33:50-51 Lawful For Muhammad To Marry Any Woman, 402
33:53 Men Must Speak Behind A Curtain 403
33:55 It’s OK For Muhammad's Wives To Talk With Certain People. 404
33:59 Women Must Cover Themselves When In Public. 404
37:22-23 Wrong Doers And Wives Go To Hell 405
37:40-48 A Garden Filled With Lovely-Eyed Virgins. 407
38:52 Female Companions in Heaven 409
44:54 "Fair Ones With Wide, Lovely Eyes." 410
52:20 Beautiful Wives With Wide, Lovely Eyes 410
53:19-22 The Satanic Verses 412
53:27 Female Names To Angels. 417
55:56, 55:72-74 Rewards; White Raisins Instead of Modest Virgins. 418
56:17-23 Immortal Youths With Wide, Lovely Eyes. 420
56:36-37 Virgins To Be Lovers 424
64:14-15 Your Wives And Children Are Your Enemies. 425
65:1-6 Instructions For Divorcing Your Wives. 427
65:4. Allah's Rules For Divorcing Wives That Have Not Yet Reached Puberty. 428
66:1 Prophet Seeking To Please His Wives? 434
66:5 Muhammad's Wives Need To Be Careful. 437
66:10 The Wives of Noah And Lot 439
70:1-30 Chastity Except With Wives And Slave Girls 439
70:29-30 You Don't Have To Be Chaste Around Your Wives Or Slave Girls. 442
111:1-5. Abu Lahab And His Wife 442

Suckling 446
Women Are Deficient In Their Intelligence And In Their Religion 451
Hell Is Mainly Populated By Women 452
Women Compared With Dogs And Donkeys 458
Women Are Crooked Like Ribs. 459
Wives Can Never Do Enough 460
Women Compared To Slaves And Camels 460
Woman Should Prostrate Herself Before Her Husband 461
Women Are Harmful To Men-An Affliction 462
Wives Are The Prisoners Of Their Husbands 465
Divorcing Surplus Wives 466
Marrying A Woman Compared With Buying A Slave Or A Camel 467
Muhammad Compares Women To Devils 467
Women In Bukhari- 296 Negative Hadith? 469
Section IV The Bible- Source for Many Hadith 545
Conclusion 567
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