Isa or Jesus

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noman waseem
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Isa or Jesus

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AOA everyone,

I googled "Isa Jesus" and the following article by Dr. Mark Durie was listed as the #2 search result:

It is too long to post, hence the above link. Anyway, if you skip down to the section titled "Critical Comments on the Muslim ‘Isa (Jesus)", while the author poses several points against the Quranic portrayal of historical events, the one I'm especially curious about is where he states "Jesus’ name was never ‘Isa"

Would someone kindly be able to explain why the author's argument that the Quranic 'Isa is not the historical figure Jesus' is incorrect (as necessarily presumed to be the case)?

Noman Waseem
Dr. Shabbir
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Isa or Jesus

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Dear brother,

'Isa is the Arbianized version of Jesus. If you see the Arabic, Persian or Urdu Bible, the Christians themslelves write 'Isa.

There are quite a few other Arabianized names. No big deal.

[If they do not accept 'Isa, use Jesus. Some orientalists call us Muhammadan, but we do not accept it since we are Muslims according to the Quran.]

Noah = Nooh
Abraham = Ibrahim
Ishmael = Ismail
Isaac = Ishaq
Jacob = Ya'qoob
David = Daud
Solomon = Sulaiman
Joseph = Yousuf
Mary = Maryam
Jonah = Younus
Messiah = Maseeh
Moses = Musa
Aaron = Haroon
[Our salutes to them all]
ali syed
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Isa or Jesus

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Once i met some jewish young ladies from PA and asked them the real name of Jesus. They said Essa. Then I asked why every one calls him Jesus. The simple answer was, ask the English people.
Since all the new testments chapters were written in Greek language and they have common names like Alexandrus, Dematrius. Julius, and all that. once the name of Essa reached there they turned it to Jesus.
some one claims that it is English people who turns all the names starts with "Y" into "J" like Yurusalam turns into Jerusalim, Yaha into jecob, etc.
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