The correct names of the two Eids.

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The correct names of the two Eids.

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Q: I know that the terms EID-UL-FITR and EID-UL-ADHA do not appear in the Quran. What do they mean? What should be the correct names?

-Tayyab Ansari, NJ

A. You are right, these names are not found in the Quran.

In the Light of the Quran, the names should be EID-IL-QURAN and EID-IL-HAJJ respectively.

The Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadhan and Allah enjoins upon us to celebrate the occasion, so EID-IL-QURAN.

10:57 O Mankind! There has now come to you Enlightenment from your Sustainer, and a healing for all that troubles your hearts, and guidance, and grace to all who embrace it.

10:58 Say, “In this bounty of God and in His grace – in this, then, let them rejoice. It is better than all the treasures that they may amass.” [43]

The second festival is celebrated on the next day of Hajj, hence, EID-IL-HAJJ.

22:36 And the camels! We have appointed them among the symbols (of obedience) to God; in them is much good for you. (They carry you and your loads and then help you host one another.) So, dedicate them to God’s Name when they are drawn up in lines (for slaughter during Hajj). And after they have fallen to the ground lifeless, partake from their flesh, and feed the contented poor who do not beg as well as the poor who ask. Remember that God has subjected these animals to you so that you may be grateful.

22:37 Neither their meat nor their blood reaches God. What reaches Him is your sincere devotion. He has thus subjected them to you that you manifestly establish the greatness of God in the land for everyone to behold (the objective of Hajj). And to see how magnificent the guidance is that He has bestowed upon you. And (O Prophet) give glad news to all benefactors of humanity. [2]


Eid means festival. Fitr = Creation. Adha = Udhiya = Slaughter = Sacrifice.

BAKRA EID (the goat festival) and BAQR EID (the cow festival) are popular but erroneous names used in the Indo-Pak Subcontinent.
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