What Muslim should do to Ahmadiyya community

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What Muslim should do to Ahmadiyya community

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In "Hashish from Qadian",
Brother Shabbir reminded us "There is no compulsion in religion".

However, I found some of my friend disagree if the verse applied to Ahmadiyya.

The situation in Indonesia are getting tense. It began with the attack to Ahmadiyya mosque and villages in some places in Indonesia (West Java, Lombok, etc.. If my memory served me right, it started 2 years ago). Then, the government interfered and Ahmadiyya community was cornered to gave 12 explanation articles of their belief. However, the attack are getting often and "Ulema" such as from MUI (Majlis Ulama Indonesia -- House of Ulama Indonesia), FUUI (Forum Ulama Umat Indonesia), FPI (Front Pembela Islam -- Islamic Defensive Front) accused Ahmadiyya of lying. One of them even declaring Ahmadiyya follower's blood were halal to be spilled.

Then, a goverment institution for watching any unorthodox religion, Bakor Pakem (Badan Kordinasi Pengawas Aliran Kepercayaan Masyarakat -- Coordinated Body of Belief Watch) published recommendation of disbanding Ahmadiyya, arguing Ahmadiyya was a blasphemy because it fundamentally different with Islam.

The attack to Ahmadiyya is continuing and the pressure to disband Ahmadiyya is increasing.

The supporters of disbanding Ahmadiyya believe any verse regarding "there is no compulsion in religion" cannot be applied to Ahmadiyya followers. They argued, the follower Ahmadiyya regarding themselves as 'Muslim' and hence, Ahmadiya is a heretic sect of Muslim, not separate religion. And since Ahmadiyya clerics lying many times, hence, they cannot be trusted and therefore, Ahmadiyya should be disbanded.

There are people who disagree of disbanding Ahmadiyya. Some of those people believe "there is no compulsion in religion". Others believe any attempt to disbanding Ahmadiyya violate Human Rights. There are also fear that those case could be brought to International Court and would brought Indonesia bad names.

Althought those people against disbanding Ahmadiyya, they had different opinion to what should be done to Ahmadiyya community and also to calm the mass. At least, they can be classified into three groups.

The first group believes, no matter what Ahmadiyya followers believe, as long as it did not extend to criminal behavior, their belief should not be restrained. Any disagreement can be solved by a good debat or discussion.

The second group believes Ahmadiyya followers have to declare their belief as religion, separated from Islam. They should not named their place of worship as 'masjid'. They should not used any Islamic term to avoid confusion among common people.

The third group believes Ahmadiyya followers have rights to practice their belief and rights to live but it doesn't mean they have rights to spread their belief. Hence, they should be forbidden from spreading their belief.

I started to doubt myself. Would somebody advice me what we should do?

Thank you,

Kunderemp R. Hardjito a.k.a
Narpati Wisjnu Ari Pradana
Live in Jakarta, the Capital City of Indonesia
Dr. Shabbir
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What Muslim should do to Ahmadiyya community

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Dear Sir,

The best way is to educate people against Ahmadiyyat.

HASHISH FROM QADIAN is available online on your own website library.
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