Taliban Victory in Afghanistan and the Road Ahead

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Taliban Victory in Afghanistan and the Road Ahead

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[excerpt from a local source]

The Taliban victory in Afghanistan against its local US trained Afghan Military was inevitable without the American Air and logistic support. When the US forces started withdrawal earlier this year the logistic and monetary support of the Afghan forces took a nosedive.

It’s too early to tell what will happen in the short term. It is very clear that you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. The American ran out of money and patience to train the local, unwilling, and corrupt Army against a dedicated group of people. The local Afghan army simply did not have the will to fight against their own ethnic Talibans with a much stronger religious conviction. The world will find out as the events unfold in the future, if the fall of Kabul was the defeat of the US in Afghanistan, or the defeat of the people of Afghanistan.

The general pardon announced by the Taliban was a good thing. In reality they adopted a wise and logical choice. This will give the Taliban to establish themselves and project a soft image to the world. The other option would have led to a civil war and possible intervention of American forces to stop it. The general pardon however is riding a very thin line.

This time around, if the Taliban follow the Quranic injunctions and let the women have equal rights and freedoms, it will have high chances of developing Afghanistan into a successful nation.
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