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No need to become emotional with seven exclamations that really highlight one losing their composure and the argument before they even started.

jawaid ahmed


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You have posted this twice so here is my response again. It does not take a genius to look up the correct explanation which is sadly missing from your post, but is does take an imbecile to follow it without checking.

The guy on bitshite is an idiot. A helium balloon rises up because it is lighter than air and there is a weak force called gravity pushing down but the upward force is larger. Pop the balloon and you have the same mass but the balloon and basket falls down.

The gay cannot think about two or more points at one time so he does not comprehend what is going on:

Moon with same face towards earth explained

The dumbkoff laughs at Nixon on the phone saying we need transmitters every 3 miles so he does not know that how do you call the moon? According to the AT&T Archives, "Simply, the call went from the Oval Office in Washington D.C. to Houston, where it was routed into space via Mission Control, through the capsule communicator, or CapCom, astronaut Bruce McCandless II." It is called radio waves Bro, not "at the third stroke the time will be ten 22 and 30 seconds"!

AT&T's predecessor, The Bell System, was involved with the American space program through the subsidiary that worked with NASA, BellComm.

The Dutch Moon rocks were a fake and admitted to by all and sundry including NASA, they sent rocks to 100 countries after the time of the Dutch rocks so could not explain where these came from. If you were going to fake moon rocks then the geniuses that have duped mankind for thousands of years would have done a better job.

Saturns rings and look changes with its orbit around the Sun and where the earth is, so his hilarious notion that it does not change because it is a LED light on a canvas is only believable by those who do no fact checking!

Some older civilizations said the earth was flat because they did not think or could not think correctly without proper knowledge or understanding. Think and observe and the global earth reveals itself but he did not show what Prof Dave said about this as he could not prove him wrong.

He denies gravity, denies the Moon, denies space, denies planets and he defies common sense. He is one of those who wants to make up as much nonsense as he can and sits back and laughs at all those swallowing his garbage.
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